A free mint granting early access to our new engine powering onchain creativity and culture

Calling all creatives. Today we’re rolling out a series of products built to power the next generation of cryptomedia. It starts with this free mint.


This is a free-to-mint collectible and subscription to TITLES where you’ll receive:

  • Priority access to upcoming NFT drops unlocking access to TITLES product launches!

    • This is the first of 4+ mints, each unlocking more product functionality.
  • Access to a token-gated Telegram channel with fellow artists, builders, and creators.

  • Insider email updates, free airdrops, exclusive content (DJ mixes, interviews, and thought pieces), and more.

Minting will be open for two weeks. All future content, collection drops, and announcements will be posted here and delivered direct to your inbox.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, here.

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