June 28th, 2022

How much do you really use Ethereum?

Ethereum is social technology. The more we use it, the more others do. What our friends do, influences what we do. The more we participate, the more we find our relation to the network.

But at the same time, the way we interact with Ethereum is quite distributed: different interfaces with different functions that create different outcomes. The experience is convoluted at best.

For drop 003 at TITLES, in collaboration with Rabbithole, we decided to throw together ETH Activity, a simple tool for visualizing your on-chain participation through a GitHub-like contribution graph for monthly transactions on Ethereum.

ETH Activity
ETH Activity

Simply throw in your wallet and we’ll render your monthly activity graph and fun stats including number of transactions, gas spent, and transaction streak. Subscribe to receive yours monthly via email and easily share your graph onto Twitter.

Do you participate? Or do you speculate? Check out yours, here.

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