Introducing publishing on Zora Network, a custom Zorb generative model, and derivative competition with 1 ETH in prizes!

In collaboration with our friends at Zora, SOURCE is now fully integrated with Zora Network. That means 10x cheaper publishing fees, creation with any Zora asset, and tracking + discovery for what people are collecting. With over 4M NFTs minted and over 900k unique collectors on Zora, we couldn’t be more excited to make SOURCE accessible for their community of artists and collectors.

With this launch, we're also excited to kick off the rollout of artist-owned and trained image models on SOURCE. Many artists are worried about how they will maintain attribution and monetize their work in an AI-first creative world. SOURCE enables artists to embrace AI, own their likeness, and monetize its usage in creative output. Starting with the memetic Zorb, you can now generate any kind of Zorb that comes to mind with SOURCE. When you publish, the Zorb will be attributed on-chain and receive proceeds splits from the new collection through our publishing protocol. Interested in having your own model in SOURCE? Please reach out here.

Zorb Derivative Competition

To commemorate the launch of Zora Network and artist-trained models, we're running a competition for the most creative Zorb generations on SOURCE. Here’s the details:

  1. 1 ETH in prizes!

  2. Top 3 most minted collections win + 1 handpicked winner.

  3. Start Date [12:00PM EST, 09/12/23] to [12:00PM EST, 10/03/23]

  4. Enter by using the Zorb or ENERGY model in SOURCE and publish on Zora Network.

  5. Download SOURCE to enter, here.

If you enter the competition by publishing your own Zorb derivative, make sure to share on Twitter + Farcaster and tag us! Learn more about the competition here, contest rules here, and make sure to follow TITLES and ENERGY on Twitter for more contest information and announcements.

Download SOURCE

For this release and derivative competition we’re opening up 500 early access spots. Download SOURCE to enter, here.

Zorb Derivative Submissions

Below we’ll be adding every submission to the Zorb derivative competition as submissions come in. Make sure to mint your favorites as mints decide who takes home the big prize!


Much love,


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